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What is Academic Team?

Academic Team is a group of students who represent Southridge Junior High and the Moore Public School District in the Oklahoma Association for Academic Competition in academic and scholastic competitions against other Oklahoma middle school teams. All 7th and 8th graders at Southridge are welcome to attend practice and to try out for the team. Our teams participate in the Oklahoma Association for Academic Competitions, Scholastic tournaments to qualify for individual, subject area mastery tournaments, and in online tournaments (OAAC). Participation in the OAAC will be funded by the participants’ dues and fundraising to offset testing costs; therefore, we are asking for each team member to pay dues in the amount of $25.00. This money will assist in paying for the registration fees associated with OAAC, and the fees for each testing cycle.  Each member will also be asked to purchase a polo shirt to wear to competition. 

Moore Interscholastic Challenge

On the first Saturday of December each year, we will compete in the MISC. This event is hosted at Brink Junior High; this is an independent academic meet where students compete individually by taking a paper test in subject areas of their choosing. This competition offers the opportunity for students to win trophies, certificates, and medals. More importantly, it gives each student an opportunity to intellectually compete while simultaneously expanding their knowledge.

Academic Bowl Tournaments

Mid Level Academic Bowl is a playoff series for students in 7th and/or 8th grade. Once the team has been enrolled, it will be assigned to a regional group. All schools play district and regional with the top teams advancing to Area. District and Regional tournaments will be held before Semester break. The top teams advance to Area, held second semester before the end of the first week of February. The top Area teams advance to the Challenge of the Champions held on the first Saturday after Presidents Day in February. Most schools have two teams, but we will create our teams based upon student interest and response. 

Competition Categories

The subject areas/ we will be studying and competing in will be: mathematics, science social studies, humanities and fine arts, current events and language arts. While students will be allowed to choose and focus on their individual strengths, all team members will study all areas during practice and at home to insure familiarity with the questions they may be asked across all subject matter.

Subject specific Bowls

Each subject area has a “bowl” tournament. We will explore/discuss these tournaments with the teachers/department heads for the respective subjects.  Winners of these tournaments automatically qualify for the annual scholastic tournament.

Online Tournaments

We will compete in online academic competitions which will be held at our home school site. Students will compete in teams against other schools throughout the state in multiple subject areas.  7th & 8th grade students are included in the mid-level division for Online Tournaments. An Online Tournament is a team event. There is no limit to the size of the team. Team membership may change from one subject area to the next. Participation will be determined based upon student response.

How to Join

If you are interested in being part of the Southridge Academic Team, contact Cory Petersen.